Sweet Grass Creamery is situated on Mattern Farm surrounded by lush green pastures in picturesque Preston, CT. We are dedicated to providing our local community with the best quality, freshest milk, and all-natural dairy products possible. 

At Sweet Grass Creamery it’s not about milk production; it’s about bringing small farms back to life that can be sustainable. It's all about the cows - their comfort and health is our top priority. We pamper them and provide them a clean healthy environment to live in. From these cows we produce some of the highest quality milk - the only milk that goes into our dairy products.

We value the health of our customers and believe the food you eat should taste good, be produced in a clean way that does not harm the environment or the health and welfare of animals, and sold at a fair price.


We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for our cows and producing the most nutritious and healthful cheeses and dairy products with a continued commitment to using wholesome, all natural ingredients. 

We strive to offer exceptional taste and value to our customers while preserving our agricultural way-of-life for future generations to experience and enjoy.

Sweet Grass Creamery 
at the Heart of Mattern Farm!
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