At Sweet Grass Creamery we mainly milk Jersey cows. Our cow's life is pretty straight forward, they lead stress-free, happy, and healthy lives doing what they are inclined to do; graze freely in lush pastures of rich nutrient grasses. Every cow is an individual and we ensure they receive the individual attention and care they need. We know the name and personality of each and every one and have great affection for them. At Sweet Grass Creamery we treat all our cows with kindness and respect NOT antibiotics and hormones.

They have access to feed and clean water 24 hours a day. From spring to fall we practice rotational grazing, giving our ladies all the sunshine and fresh grass they want. In the winter months almost all of their feed comes from our own hay and corn fields. To help balance their diet, our cows are fed some grain, as well as a natural vitamin and mineral supplement and free choice salt and trace mineral blocks. Just as important as what goes into our cows, is what DOESN'T. Our cows are not pushed in growth and production by artificial hormones. 

Simply put, we know that providing our cows a healthy diet and clean comfortable environment translates into happy cows making nutritious, delicious sweet milk for you to serve your family.

Jerseys are a smaller cow, originally from the British Channel island of Jersey. These petite ladies with their big brown eyes and quirky antics produce some of the highest quality, rich, creamy milk - Naturally.

Their milk not only tastes good, but also has high nutritional values. Compared to other breeds, Jersey milk contains 15 - 20% more protein, 15 - 18% more calcium, & 25% more butterfat, which is ideal for making cheese, yogurt, & creamline milk. 

These are the cows that Moo and graze and play and make sweet delicious milk that we use in our dairy products.

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Sweet Grass Creamery milk is certified "Queen of Quality". Since 2008, the Queen of Quality™ mark has been placed on products made from 100% pure Jersey milk. 

When you purchase Sweet Grass Creamery products, you can be sure they come from the finest quality milk naturally, healthfully and efficiently produced by Jersey cows.​
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