If you ever tried Sweet Grass Creamery's farm fresh creamline yogurts 
or drinkable yogurts, then you know it's like nothing else in the dairy isle. 

Sweet Grass Creamery's non-homogenized creamline yogurts are made 
fresh in our creamery in small batches within hours from when our cows are milked. 

Our yogurts are all natural and pure as can be.They are free of artificial sweeteners, stabilizers, thickeners, or milk powder, so you can feel good that you are enjoying the healthful nutrition of cultured dairy and nothing else.

Creamy, indulgent, sweet and ever so-slightly tangy goodness in every spoonful. It all starts with a simple formula: our own farmstead creamline milk - the most important ingredient, live active cultures, a touch of grade A Vermont maple syrup as a natural sweetener and finally the fruit. Turning all these natural ingredients into our delicious yogurt is a little science, a little art and a little bit of magic.

Creamline yogurts (32 oz): Plain and Maple 

Fruit on the bottom yogurts (16 oz): Maine Blueberry * Strawberry * Raspberry * Blackberry * Cherry * Very Berry * Apple Pie
Pour it, spoon it, drink it - it's so versatile. Try it over cereal or fruit, add it to your smoothie or simply sip it as a healthy on the go snack. Our drinkable yogurts are made with our farmstead creamline milk, live active cultures, real fruit and minimal amount of sugar.

Poplar flavors include: Maine Blueberry * Strawberry * Raspberry


Our dairy products are made with the freshest milk possible - you’ll taste the difference!
Our dairy products are made with the freshest milk possible - you’ll taste the difference!
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